What to Wear with Gray Shorts

Despite the fact that shorts are very comfortable and practical things, many women still fight shy of this model. The reason – lack of knowledge about how and what they wear. The variety of colors that will show what to wear gray shorts.

Gray Shorts Women

Shorts is of great importance. But the thing is so delicate, requiring competent combination with other clothes.
Let’s start with color combinations. He is not afraid to experiment. Gray flexible and loves many colors and shades like pink, beige, peach, white, red, gray, brown, blue, gray same.
With the colors we processed talk about models.

What to Wear Gray Shorts?

Classic tighter shorts look great with a blouse and jacket tighter. Perfect way to the office. The main thing that meets the requirements of short lengths of dress.
Nice summer shorts will be combined with a light blouse. In this way you will look properly while tempt men. legs and hips open women there were very attracted by the stronger sex.
With slim figure she can pick up fashion gray shorts with high waist. And to complete the picture is quite free cut blouse and high heels.
Shorts in street style combined with an appropriate shirt or incidents, adding image of sandals on a flat sole.
Designers this year tried to glory and light models created collection of short warm it is possible to wear in autumn and winter. With what combination of warm gray shorts?
Take a warm sweater and knitted thick black tights. Full image corresponding season shoes and some accessories to your liking. As you can see, you can look stylish and cool.