When and How to Wear Cufflinks

In the large family of modern humans, there are many who have never wanted or had the opportunity to decorate their shirt cuff.

Unnecessary for those for whom the cuffs are unknown, they are for other real jewels, interchangeable at will. essential details for a James Bond, pop effort for the bride and groom, daily coquetry for fans of the suit and tie… Let’s talk a little cufflinks?

A cufflink, what is it?

This is what you will need on the day you will realize that you have just bought a folded cuffs shirt without buttons but trimmed stitched slots (the famous cuffs). To close your end of sleeve shirt, only one solution: the cufflinks. Formerly confined to ceremonial or formal evenings, these jewels are now visible daily on men for whom the suit or the combo jacket / shirt are required.

If the cufflinks were primarily created for the sake of convenience, they have gradually become wholly jewelry man. Declined in many models, simple style to more fancy, they now carry as true accessories, selected based on the tastes and personalities of each.

Small Tour Different Cufflinks

Because it is not good to make it simple when it can be complicated, there is no one type of cuff but 4 primary.

The trimmings cufflinks

Generally round, these cufflinks are made from cotton or silk thread. Both materials allow them to be broken in multiple colors, plain or two-tone. Model M.Studio, 8 euros.

The cufflinks swivel head or T-bar

These are the most common. Designed in rigid materials, and declined in multiple models of simple style to more eccentric, those clinging to the wrist thanks to a swivel. Clasp system Model M.Studio, 39 euros.

The chain with cufflinks

Ancestors of cufflink, these chain accessories are now more rare on the market. They operate on the same system as the earring of the same kind and have the advantage of being designed so that their two ends have aesthetic interest. Beware, they are less easy to use than other models. Alexander McQueen model, 115 euros.

Fixed cufflinks

Taking mostly the form of fish tails to ensure their good performance, these cufflinks are very common today. Harder to put their colleagues swivel head, they stole the chain models the advantage of playing a double face. Some may be reversible. Model ST Dupont, 195 euros.

Rarer buttons to press or hinged cuffs  have also outlived their wrists of men!

When and how to wear them

Unknown to some, too dressed for others, cufflinks could yet take the air a little often.

Wedding ceremony… Attentions to the excesses of madness

If we stick to the rules that have hitherto followed the cuff, these have their place primarily on the wrists during major events. If you wear a tuxedo in James Bond , avoid fancy cufflinks. If one was a purist, one might even say you opt for accessories in the color of your shirt . If one was a purist…

For a more dressed classic outfit, you can afford a few more things. Please note, several details are to be considered:

-The color and length of the sleeves of your jacket. If your suit has done its job, the sleeves of your jacket will stop at about the middle of your cuffs. What you leave room for medium size cuff and visible. Whether to grant these accessories in the color of your shirt, still think of your jacket. Red and blue cufflinks will not necessarily mix well with a green jacket.

-Your watch or your bracelets. If Cristina Cordula stubbornly insists that he is more modern spoiling granting, however, we advise you to match metals. Silver cufflinks will have more allure with a watch or bracelet with the same tone of copper or gold.


If the shirt and jacket are part of your daily dare. If you work in an environment where sobriety is in order, do not madness, but dare cufflinks decorated with classic colors (dark blue, gray, white) while remaining easy on the geometry (square, round, rectangles are the most reliable). You can also settle for more traditional but no less elegant accessories, preferably silver.

If your workplace you require the costume or the combo shirt / jacket but let you wear two-tone ties, the trimmings cufflinks are your allies. Inexpensive, available in all possible colors, but sober in form, those will discreetly accessorize your outfits while keeping their function gem. If you are an eccentric, do not panic, there are now many models of more or less good taste that might interest you ..