Wireless Printing Airprint in Action

With the release of the first beta version of iOS 4.2 to developers, many have been the swift have run to install it on your iPad. Although the official launch of the update date is the next month of November, there are those that do not see the day incorporate innovations that integrates such a revision, which is the Airprint wireless printing service.

Although by the time the beta is only available for the tablet, of Cupertino are planning to provide such functionality to your other mobile devices such as iPhone and iPod touch, the first of them being that most interests us, is clear. It is not entirely wrong idea, for example, launch the printing of a document stored in Google Docs and which is accessed through QuickOffice in the course of a working meeting. What We can see in the video below It is not that exactly, but if serves as an example of the operation of the printing system.

The system requires you to have a printer connected to the wireless network of the sending device of printing. So far only HP has officially announced that its range of HP printers ePrint will be ready to offer support for Airprint.

To make this test of printing, the author of the video needed a printer wireless, Mac OS X 10.6.5 beta and the cited version iOS 4.2 on your iPad. Such trial version gives chills, so it wouldn’t be too crazy to think about a software update at all levels with the emergence of the new iOS. Striking at the very least, the drop-down with the printing control center that it incorporates. Now, just have to wait.