Wrist Bag – Is It Still Fashionable Or Not?

The wrist bag for men – Who does not know it.

She is still there. The wrist bag from previous days. Over 40 years ago, she came into fashion. During this time, tight pants were super modern. Since the thick wallet no longer fit into it. As a new man’s pocket, the wrist bag for men was the top fashionable trend of the 70 years.

Wikipedia writes about the wrist bag, that demand the bags with the wrist in the 80s is almost gone years. That’s not quite right. The stationary retail not so often offered. But we can say in online trading, it is however often demand. The wrist bag lives!

Modern or old fashioned?

For some men the man’s Pocket is always still modern and practical, others find it unmanly, carry bags at all, let alone as pockets on the wrist. Men and bags? More times the College pocket or Briefcase. Men and wrist bag? Earlier already and today the ever more. The wrist bag is modern and still does not. It’s actually needed! For many men, comes the wrist bag aging just not out of fashion. Why also. She looks great and fits to the outfit of the older gentlemen. When hiking or on a short trip you need often either a backpack or a small bag. Here, a wrist bag could be very beneficial. Men have Yes purse and keys. Looks so a thick wallet not so beneficial in the back pocket.


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