You Don’t Know What to Wear in Family Events? Here Are Our Suggestions

The family events the most feared are at Christmas. Or of the most anticipated, of course. The case is that, like or not, are special moments in them that is important to take a look in keeping with the occasion.

Usually, this type of dinner or lunch is usually celebrated at home. In your own or your parents, your grandparents, your siblings or your uncles. The options are as many as members make up our family. And although it continues to be a special occasion, lYou looks can be half-way between the formal and the casual (unless your mother is the Duchess of Alba, and you invite to dinner at the Palace of Liria).

Based on these premises, here are some items that you can make your looks.
What better occasion that a family meal to put a? fun Christmas jersey? Your grandma sure drool you with you and the kids of the House will want to play all the time with you. That Yes, it is possible for Appetit Joker from your brother-in-law to give strong shank. But hey, that this year the Christmas jerseys are trend and what you should not do is to wait until March to get one. So take advantage.

These two that I bring you are of ASOS and Topman, respectively. The first, with huge stars of snow, and the second in red tones and reindeer. No do you already hear the tinkling of the bells? You can find many more on the websites of both firms.

If you bet for an article of this type, I recommend that you combine it with a basic oxford shirt in white or light blue and you prescindas of accessories such as neckties or bow ties. These jerseys already are striking enough for themselves.

Original cardigans

A Cardigan It is a very good alternative to the jerseys. But yes, for a Christmas family event can opt for a little more special models that we use regularly. An example is this gold of Zara, giving a dot of glamour. With a white shirt and narrow tie or bow tie black, you will get a very elegant look.

This reindeer is another option of Topman, that it does not require plug-ins. Again, a white shirt fastened up above and you will be the most stylish of all your cousins.

Blazers with a casual touch

If none of the above options fit you, you can always opt for a Blazer. My suggestion is you remains her seriousness with more casual clothing. This first, Velvet of Zara It is perfectly combined with a pair of jeans and, even, if I hurry, with some sneakers. Eye, not that you use at the gym, but one ride.

Much more casual is this American’s Pull & Bear, that can take as it proposes the signing or, on the other hand, combined with a shirt Cowgirl, a tie or bow tie black, some skinny jeans, and a few loafers with tassels.

Black and white shirts in contrast

We also can do that the shirt is the protagonist of the look. That Yes, without resorting to flashy prints, it is possible with shirts like these that I bring. The two combine colors black and white, creating an interesting contrast.

This first one is of ASOs, with the tip of the collars and cuffs in black…

…While this other, Mandarin collar, it can be found in Zara. In any case I would add plug-ins. With a pair of jeans, to subtract formality, and a pair of acharolados shoes, you will be impeccable to taste the delicious dinner that your grandmother prepare.