You Will Cure The Galaxy Samsung Note 7 Permanently? Well… Not Bad… We’Ll See…

Did you think that the soap opera of Note 7 burning was over? Maybe it will be that do not, and do not worry, because everyone thought the same. The case of the (supposedly) ‘safe’ 7 Note that It started to burn in a plane It has reopened the controversy that surrounds the Korean manufacturer phablet.

For now the case is being investigated to see if the terminal was actually who had safe battery, as well as the causes of that would burn. Even so, a single known case would not be enough to start a second programme of Returns or ‘recall’, so we will continue being attentive to this and other possible cases.

But if more cases occur (I repeat, for now only known one, and it is still investigating) “safe” terminal that explode or burn and had to start a new round of ‘recalls’, this damage, and much, the image of Samsung, being able to get to spoil estimates of benefits of the manufacturer for the third quarter.

Could Samsung take measures if they were to produce more cases?

The first thing to check is if the case that is being investigated is of a Note 7 a safe battery and know the cause (beyond the Declaration of the owner of the device, claiming that it had the Green battery icon and the black square in the terminal box) by which terminal you got to put to burn, and then they have to be more cases that are certain this problem.

The most drastic measure that can take Samsung, but at the same time is the least likely, is the de remove the terminal from the market, giving the option to the holders of the terminal change it by another terminal by adding the price difference or, simply, restoring the full cost of the terminal.

The other option which, moreover, is the most likely, is that Samsung start a second ‘recall’ After that, research the causes of these new problems and find a solution to manufacture once a few Galaxy Note 7 whose battery is really safe, not to be exploited at the first opportunity.

Whatever the measure taken in the event that more cases are given, the image of Samsung will further stain that with this first ‘recall’, primarily because it will leave many users without its terminal at least for several weeks, which would make that more than one is desesperase, induced by a refund and look with tender eyes to another manufacturer.

Could a new ‘recall’ bury Note 7?

This 2016 being one year a little complicated for Samsung due to the Note 7 battery problem It is a fact, it’s getting prospective buyers disposed to this terminal as a candidate and is even scaring away so far loyal customers of the brand, seeking powerful best priced terminals even if it means having to give up the S-Pen.

Taking into account that the first ‘recall’ is putting nerves due to the problems that are being to receive your new terminal, prepare another program of returns and staying more weeks unused terminal that have paid a lot of money will end up by not a few people a lot.

To such an extent has reached this problem There is already a ‘mod’ for GTA 5 in which is used as if it were a bomb to the Galaxy Note 7 (see the video above), is that it is being more than one joke. Anyone would say that Samsung tries to overcome the prowess of the calenturiento Sony Xperia Z3 +, and if so, they have succeeded.

What will not help this problem, follow this, is to improve the image of Samsung’s face to the public, which will require immediate and definite problems, solutions without with doubts about quality controls that makes the manufacturer for components such as batteries.

Why give you are so much hype to this problem?

It is possible that at this point you keep wondering why does so much attention to this problem, even when you’re investigating a case (one only, for now) of a Note 7 “secure” that was burning. Perhaps are you ignore both the issue of defective screens or scratching the glass too easily.

The reason is simple: the battery is the most dangerous and delicate of a smartphone. There is a serious problem as a battery to burn or explode, with the possible consequence of and even personal damage, It is to ignore it and try to be the most possible date on this.

If you have a procurement of replacement terminal cases, more than one is at risk of losing more money that cost him the terminal or injury simply because the phone was in your hands or in your pocket. And while this keep going on, either with the Note 7 or any other terminal, is manufacturer which is, We will try to inform the detail.