Zeromovil Temporarily Suspend Its Services as an MVNO

Zeromovil He was born in November 2009 but with only ten months of life had already given enough little successful movements as so it has not surprised the news for now temporarily suspended its mobile phone service.

Several changes in the rates of voice and data that created distrust among its clients nothing more birth, services that had not just convince and the alleged relationship with a drug trafficking organization a month ago has been the straw that has filled the glass although the operator has attributed the cessation to “ technical problems with the network operator ” (in this case Movistar).

Two large handicapped: users and distributors

Zeromovil 16,000 customers have stopped receiving coverage on their mobiles by what you will have to apply for portability to any other national operator if they want to keep the same phone number and as unique “ advantage ”, may do so without any penalty While it could have signed a permanence by grant from terminal.

But the hardest will be tents which decided to distribute the services of Zeromovil since they are now unprotected this situation and not obtained guarantees to recover the money invested in a little serious business.

From the now nearly defunct website, Zeromovil offers two contact for more information as the 54321 phone if you call from a mobile zeromovil or the 968394580 if calling from any other mobile or fixed operator.