Zopo Color F2, Analysis: Avoid It If You Can

When we talk about search a phone more economically possible, decide on one can be daunting task. Spend what you have budgeted is difficult, but perhaps also receive just change that is needed. The supply is overwhelming and is easy to get lost between nuclei, resolutions, gigabytes and megapixels which often do not reflect too much of the real quality of a phone.

The Zopo Color F2 It is one more than it seeks to gain a foothold among the already long technological shelves of hypermarkets. Arguments: display of 5.5 inch, Android 6.0, fingerprint sensor, how not, low price. For 150 euros, do you qualify? See it.

Zopo Color F2, one more in line

If already you’ve been looking for phones on occasion, it is more than likely you sound Zopo. It’s one of those manufacturers from China and born in the heat of the smartphone boom in 2012, and has with stores officers in Spain for several years and technical service in the country, Regenersis hand.

If not sounds, or reminds you of a manufacturer of several years is normal. Since Moto G and the small revolution that took place after it, this type of manufacturers has due suffer enough. Easy come, easy will be: the popularity of Zopo in Google is today a quarter of what it was just three years ago.

Easy come, easy is going. Zopo today, even if established, does not seem to be going through its best moment.

Zopo updated its line of Color phones a couple of months ago, and now is when they are beginning to distribute them. Quickly it’s three very similar phones which are summarized quite fast, if we look at their differences:

  • Zopo Color C3: 5 inch, 109.99 euros
  • Zopo Color F5: 5 inch, fingerprint reader and metallic frame, 129.99 euros
  • Zopo Color F2: 5.5 inch, fingerprint reader and metallic frame, 149.99 EUR

They are otherwise quite similar among themselves: screen HD (1280 x 720) of IPS technology, processor Mediatek’s low power consumption and performance limited, 1GB RAM, 16GB of internal memory, dual SIM and micro SD card. In the case of Color F2, the battery is 2,300 mAh, small for what we expect from a phone of this size.

We have general characteristics limited the length and width of the Color F2:

Zopo Color F2
Size 153 x 78 mm
Thickness 8.5 mm
Weight 168 grams
Screen IPS of 5.5 inch Crystal 2.5 d
Resolution HD 1280 x 720, 267 DPI
Processor MediaTek MT6737, 28nmQuad Core Cortex A53 @1. 25GHz
Graphics processor Mali T720, a core
Memory 16 GB with up to 2 TB microSD slot
(Currently the maximum available is 200 GB)
Version 6.0 Android (Marshmallow)
Connectivity WiFi 802. 11n 2.4 and 5 GHz
4.0 Bluetooth Low EnergyLTE (bands: 1, 3, 7, 20)
Expansion ports MicroUSB 2.0, microSD (2 TB)
Video 1080
Rear camera 8 megapixels with FlashObjective f/2.8
Front camera 2 megapixels with Flash
Objective f/2.8
Battery 2,300 mAh
Other Fingerprint sensor
Dual SIM
Led notifications
Starting price 149.99 EUR

The use of metal already does not guarantee good design

Line Color of Zopo is aimed at a juvenile audience. It is easy to ‘guess’ coming to your website. F2 colour distinguishes itself from the C3 and F5 – is not very clear what is behind this nomenclature-in size and the use of metal in its design.

This, today, still does not guarantee anything. Color F2 is a phone with a design bit showy, light but flimsy – seems to sag under some pressure with hands and little refined finishes that do not make it too comfortable in hand. In addition to being large, clear, with its 5.5-inch screen.

Despite the metal Color F2 is a little flashy phone: light but flimsy and little refined finishes

Taking into account that this screen is resolution only HD, seems best option the 5 inch model which, moreover, is something cheaper and maintains the fingerprint sensor. If, for some reason, you think that the fingerprint reader does not compensate you for, perhaps even more interesting still lose another step and go to the C3 Color, the most economical family. They would mean about 40 euros of savings.

Zopo Color F2 features with a very light effect 2.5 d in your glass. This is quite effective to give a somewhat more sophisticated look to the terminals and, in general, more pleasant to the touch. The case is that the effect is so little pointed that it feels barely touch and the edges still looking sharp in this phone.

Moreover, the Zopo Color F2 is a phone with Dual SIM and microSD card option. A SIM is micro format, the other is nano. To access them, we can remove the back cover, which also gives access to its fine battery.

Surprising that that retain not only the jack headphone at the top – many manufacturers you are moving to the bottom-, but the connector microUSB for charging have been also above. Somewhat uncomfortable, taking into account that also some of the edges of the phone – headset, for example – can engage or scratch easily.

IPS are acronyms that already matter little

As he advanced, the screen are 5.5 inches of IPS technology in HD resolution. It can IPS to tell you something, obviously the best LCD panels – that are not Oled, will – are of that technology. But as the saying goes: are all those who are, but are not all those who are. What I mean is that IPS does not imply good quality, or at least not per are.

More than two years ago that the LG G3 premiered with QHD or Quad HD screens. That is, four times HD resolution that we see in this phone. Did so, moreover, in the same diagonal of 5.5 inches we see here. If necessary these resolutions is still an open debate, but it is clear that the 720 p in this size is something that falls short.

Not only by the level of detail that also, but because interfaces in Android with 720 p resolutions tend to be huge. Here Zopo does not adjust this parameter to try to take advantage of those 5.5 inches a little more. On the other hand, and as a collateral benefit, help the overall performance of the phone – always with the same specs – better and consume less battery under the same conditions.

The quality of the screens has greatly improved the last few years. So much so that virtually any phone that you can find in the market has access to a correct display. Unfortunately, this is not the case

As I have said in other analyses recently, the quality of the screens has improved much the last few years. So much so that virtually any phone that you can find in the market have access, for the mere price of components, to a correct display. Unfortunately, and for multiple reasons, This is not the case.

In the Color F2 we find the complete list of defects screens of several years ago, and it is not short:

  • Low-sheen. In the light of the Sun you better find a shadow, or it will be very difficult to see the screen.
  • Many reflexes. In environments with lots of light, almost you’ll see more what you have behind what appears on your phone.
  • Too much fat. Without a decent oleophobic treatment, dirt from your hands will stay stuck to the glass, accentuating the previous two problems.
  • Bad angles. If you tilt the phone, the colors tend to gray.
  • Light leaks. In my unit had one occupied the entire base of the screen. It is something that can happen or not. It lights up the edge of the screen where it occurs, worsening the contrast and the experience.
  • Distance to the panel. There is too much space, giving a worse feeling to the touch between the touch panel and the screen itself.
  • Dead pixels. When a point does not work, and is not able to change color. In my unit had one permanently blank, quite annoying even in clear images.

At this price, performance is expected more

F2 colour, along with the rest of the line, feature with internal hardware that is much close to the minimum you can buy. In fact, it is perhaps the least in what the system is capable of operating properly. With 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory, less – commonly half-virtually no longer offer.

F2 colour has an internal hardware approaching much at least you can buy. And perhaps it: least in what the system is capable of operating properly.

Your CPU Mediatek 6737 are 4 A53 (low energy) cores running at 1. 25GHz as maximum frequency, a rather low figure that stays there in order to save battery power – and this will come better than more performance, as we will see. Is accompanied by a Mali GPU T720, of low performance and single-core.

The general operation of the phone is rather poor, but enough for a variety of applications. The problem comes perhaps when we compare with the rest of offer which can be found by the same 150 euros.

Rather general economic phones it is that its screen is not the sensible that it should, and does not detect some of the touches we do about it. With the F2 colour this not often happens: we can write fast. What costs you more to detect are the gestures of sliding – for example, to draw a pattern or make zoom-, leading to a poor experience.

Zopo Color F2
MediaTek 6737Weimei Force
MediaTek 6735Moto G4 Play
Snapdragon 410

Antutu 23.638 34.557 28.545
Geekbench 4 Single: 530
Multi: 1497
Single: 529
Multi: 1,582
Single: 4.479
Multi: 1.337
Vellamo Chrome: 2.476
Metal: 896
Multicore: 1.287
Chrome: 2.533
Metal: 930
Multicore: 1,536
Chrome: 2,172
Metal: 998
Multicore: 1.249
GFX 3.0 Manhattan Onscreen: 4.3 fps
Offscreen: unsupported
Onscreen: 6.3 fps
Offscreen: 3 fps
GFX Car T-REX 2.0 Onscreen: 10 fps
Offscreen: 5.1 fps
Onscreen: 14 fps
Offscreen: 8.5 fps
3DMark 3.1 Slingshot: Unsupported
Ice Storm Utd.: Not supported
Ice Storm Extreme: 2.367
Ice Storm: 4.310
Slingshot 3.0/3.1:202 / 118
Ice Storm Utd.: 5,328
Ice Storm Extreme: 3,170
Ice Storm: 5,243
Ice Storm Utd.: 4.479
PCMark Workbench 3.367 5.563
Memory Reading: 108 MB/s
Write: 12 MB/s
RAM: 2.660 MB/s
Reading: 86 MB/s
Writing: 39 MB/s
RAM: 3,800 MB/s
PCMark Battery 3 hours 50 min 6 hours 56 min

Where does not approve the F2 is in the area of autonomy. With its 2,300 mAh battery for a screen of 5.5 inches, not expecting too much. Of course, that Yes, something more than this. Around an hour and a half or two screen activated in the best of cases, it will be the final day. On my second drive – the first became more flawed for several reasons – in addition, the battery was out of calibration, being impossible at times to load it to 100% or not running out when it comes to 1%, but it can endure hours in that State.

This adds to the fact that we don’t have a maximum brightness of decent – if I had you, it could be explained, or at least save something – and the phone loads extremely slow. They will be more than three hours to complete the load. In a scenario so better us being close to a wall plug.

At least fingerprint sensor works correctly, and it is not necessary to ‘wake up’ to the terminal prior to use. While it is not the fastest of all, he does his work, although once it stalls.

As for the sound, F2 colour speaker is again too bad, with characteristic canned sound that was popular a few years ago now.

Eyes that do not see

If you are still thinking about get a F2 Color, another section that better that you aren’t interested: camera. Again it’s a sensor of low performance, with only a third of the area from which they can be found on most modern phones. And that is not an excuse so that the camera has a fairly generous lump.

They are 8 megapixels, but effective level detail is much less, even in broad day light. Imaging is slow – not talk already of HDR or Thomas complex-, and very few possibilities.

I tend to value very positively when a camera interface is good, because it helps that the photos are also. In this case, also no luck. The interface you may ring phones with Mediatek processors of several years ago, with black elements which add a difficulty extra. At least we can install the Google camera, simple.

If you add a screen with low-sheen and a slow-motion, raises the level of difficulty: lit environments will be know exactly what we are throwing him the photo

Do you remember that I warned that brightness maximum, with the reflections of this screen, difficult to see? Now guess which is the best-case scenario for a camera of low performance. Accurate, perfectly illuminated environments. Full light of the Sun it will cost to see what exactly we are throwing him the photo.

I leave you with some samples so you can see the possibilities of this camera:

If we are still and the scene is static, the F2 colour makes pictures The Color F2 burn areas more illuminated in almost any photo even with a clean lens, up to light sources more focused and intense will be synonymous with flashes the dynamic in the F2 Color range is too short in scenes easy as a low-contrast Color F2 sunset rescues too flat images….. .that can try to rescue with HDR mode if We are still enough.
The evening Color F2 does what it can; very little

The front has a small led for selfies flash, element quite popular lately. In particular, I am most favour phones that use the screen itself as a front flash. With one much larger surface give a more natural light and also save on front elements in space, appearance and surely also price.

Goodbye to multitasking

In the F2 Color we have 1GB of RAM, a number of quite limited memory and that lets us access a couple of applications without closing them in the best of cases. With this in mind already doesn’t sound so rare that they have changed the Android action buttons to as they were a few years ago: by pressing the down open options, and not the recent windows.

Therefore, if we open an application and want to pass to another, we will have to go back to the desk or drawer of applications and select it again. Something that at this point is uncomfortable, although not fit more applications in memory.

Zopo it is committed to bring the latest versions of Android whenever possible and do so without a heavy layer of customization on board. At least at that point, meet and the system is simple to use and works relatively well, within the limitations.

We do not have pre-installed applications and only see a couple of settings that change. As in the notification bar, where we found a bar of Google search with suggestions from the most wanted in Spain. Unnecessary.

On the other hand we find in settings ways to interact with the device using gestures and touches. The most useful, the Double-tap to unlock, perfect for when your phone is supported on a table, although it comes off of series.

Zopo Color F2, the opinion of Engadget

I am sure that the intention of Zopo with Color F2 is good: bring an element that still we are beginning to see in the medium ranges to the ranges of input, such as the fingerprint sensor. I defend its usefulness, that improves the experience of user, but not above a Covenant on minimum requirements that all phone must be.

At this point, others are priorities for me and I am sure that a screen, decent camera and battery are higher up on the list of essential user medium. F2 colour is far from the reality in this sense, where we can find phones much more balanced – without fingerprint sensor, that Yes – and even ambitious in that same price step.

Not to mention control of quality in both units tested sins by his absence, with mismatches on the battery or on the memories that are quite annoying. At least, as I said, they have service in Spain.

If you are looking for is to save and for some reason this line of Zopo attracts you, Color C3 is quite more attractive as a 5 inch, same internal hardware phone with fingerprint sensor, saving 40 euros extra.

In favour

  • The layer about Android and the phone responds well
  • Without touch touching lag
  • A good fingerprint reader
  • Dual SIM and microSD slot


  • Although use of metal, the sensation is much better in many other phones plastic
  • Not very sensitive to the gesture of slide
  • The screen is very mediocre in many aspects
  • The camera is insufficient, since its application to the result
  • 1GB of RAM is too little now
  • Others offer so much more for this price
  • Reduced autonomy, a small battery that load slowly
  • Very poor sound

The terminal has been granted to the test by Zopo. You can consult our policy of relations with companies.

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