Georgia Fast Facts

Georgia lies on the border between Europe and Asia, bordering Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The country offers surprisingly good cuisine, great landscapes, impressive monasteries and a lot of hospitality from the inhabitants. See for education in Georgia.

Capital City Tbilisi
Size 69,700 km² (including Abkhazia and South Ossetia)
Resident 3,729,635
Official Language Georgian
Currency lari
Time Zone UTC+4
Telephone Area Code +995

Fast facts to know

  • Almost a third of Georgia’s population lives in Tbilisi.
  • Wine was invented in Georgia.
  • Georgians love rugby.
  • The deepest cave in the world is in Georgia.
  • In Georgia there are three 5000m mountains.
  • The road conditions are only very good on the big, well-known routes. An SUV is recommended. Driving in cities is exhausting and requires concentration.
  • Hiking in Georgia is wonderful.
  • Hospitality is very important.
  • You can enter Germany without a visa.
  • Apart from the border areas with South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Russia, Georgia is considered to be quite safe. Tourism is booming.
  • Wifi is available almost everywhere, but the network is fragile and mostly slow.
  • Medical care outside of cities is rather poor.
  • There is no compulsory insurance, the usual standard vaccinations such as hepatitis A are recommended. Rabies is also an issue.
  • Georgia has 12 different climate zones.
  • Georgia is known for its choral folk music.

Exciting cities in Georgia

  • Tbilisi
  • Batumi
  • Mtskheta
  • Kutaisi

History of Georgia

  • 6th century the states of Colchis (West Georgia) and Iberia (East Georgia) are established.
  • 327 Christianity becomes the state religion.
  • Subdued over the centuries by Romans, Persians, Byzantines and Arabs.
  • 11th-13th Century Golden Age. Georgia becomes the strongest power in Transcaucasia.
  • 16th century Disintegration into the kingdoms of Imereti, Kakheti and Kartli as well as five principalities.
  • 1783 Eastern Georgia signs a protection treaty with Russia.
  • 1801 Eastern Georgia is annexed.
  • By 1864, Russia conquered all regions of Georgia.
  • 1918 After the October Revolution, Georgia declares independence.
  • 1921 The Democratic Republic of Georgia is occupied by the Red Army and incorporated into the Soviet Union.
  • 1991 Georgia declares independence again after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  • 2008 Open war with Russia over South Ossetia conflict.

Climate & travel weather in Georgia

  • 3 climate zones:
    • Black Sea coast, Colchis plain west of the Surami mountains: subtropical-Mediterranean, partly humid climate.
    • East of the Surami mountains: continental, drier climate.
    • Mountainous regions: alpine climate.
  • Recommended travel time:
    • April – October (better to avoid winter).

Ideas for trips in Georgia

  • Gergeti Monastery.
  • Davit Gareja monastery complex.
  • Fortified and cave town Uplistsikhe.
  • Jvari Monastery in Mtskheta.
  • Gelati and Motsameta monasteries.
  • Vardzia Cave Monasteries.
  • Rafting on wild river.
  • Prometheus Cave.
  • Boat ride through Martvili Canyon.
  • Hike to the highest village in Georgia – Ushguli.
  • Ateni Sioni Church.
  • Kazchi Pillar Monastery.
  • Muzo Fortress.
  • Shatili Fortress.
  • Ananuri Fortress.

Food & Drink in Georgia

  • Perceptible Persian, European and Asian influences, once the flagship kitchen of Russia.
  • Georgians are excellent hosts. It is always served in abundance to show the generosity of the host.
  • Georgian cuisine is very varied and is one of the best in Eastern Europe.
  • Great variety of fresh fruit and vegetables all year round.
  • Better not to buy meat products from street stalls.
  • We like to prepare: pork, beef, mutton, but also bear, deer, mountain goat, rabbit, quail, pheasant and fish.
  • Common side dishes are corn, wheat, beans
  • Georgia is considered the place of origin of viticulture. Correspondingly excellent wines can be found all over the country.
  • Typical dishes:
    • Khachapuri (cheese bread).
    • Khinkali (dumplings filled with onions, minced meat and pepper).
    • Pelamuschi (sweet pudding cooked from grape juice and cornmeal).
    • Chink’ali (noodle balls filled with minced meat, onions and herbs).
    • Shkhmeruli (fried chicken with walnuts and garlic).

Particularly scenic

  • Svaneti
  • Wine region in Kakheti
  • Okatse Canyon & Waterfall
  • Natural Parks:
    • Tbilisi National Park
    • Vashlovani National Park
    • Mtirala National Park
    • Tusheti National Park
    • Javakheti National Park
    • Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park
    • Kolkheti National Park
  • Abudelauri Lakes

Georgia Fast Facts