Ghana As a Tourism Country

Ghana is in many ways a warm tourist destination. The heat of more than 30 degrees does not compare to the warm kindness of the locals.

Ghana in Western Africa is not one of the most traditional tourist destinations, but Ghana has a lot to offer for those interested in wildlife bonga, the tropics and fiery food, among other things. In Ghana, you can also go on a cruise to the world’s largest dam lake.

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Versatile Ghana

According to countryaah, the Republic of Ghana is a former British colony in West Africa on the Atlantic coast. The country is home to about 24 million people and is bordered by Togo, Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire. The main exports of Ghana, which became independent in 1957, are gold and cocoa, and tourism plays only a small role in the country’s economy.

Ghana is especially known as a cultural and nature tourism destination. Ghana is diverse in its terrain, with deserts and savannas as well as river landscapes and rainforests. Ghana is located in more than one natural park, of which the most significant are Molen and Kakumin national parks.

There are also cultural attractions in Ghana. There are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country: Ghana’s castles and fortresses and the Ashanti buildings. Many tourists start exploring Ghana from the country’s capital, Accra.

Ghana’s climate

Ghana has a tropical warm climate. Daytime temperatures in the country often rise to around 30 degrees and there is little seasonal variation in temperatures.

There are some regional differences in Ghana’s climate. There are two rainy seasons on the coast of the country, spring and autumn. The spring rainy season falls in April-June and the autumn rainy season in September-October. The shorter autumn rainy season does not extend to the central parts of the country. During the rainy seasons, it can rain a lot, especially in the interior of the country.

Friendly Ghana

Short for GH by abbreviationfinder, Ghana is a very friendly country and locals often greet tourists on the street and in the shops. It is very rude not to respond to people’s happy greetings. For example, in the marketplace of the city of Kumas, which is very diverse in terms of population, where goods and food change hands, happy greetings are heard from the right and the left.

In addition to its friendly atmosphere, Ghana is known for its nature. In the country, for example, there is a large dam lake Volta, which is led by a river of the same name. On the Volta River and the islands of Lake Volta, such as Dod, Dwarf and Kporve, tourists can also visit by cruise ship.

Ghana’s Natural Parks offer plenty to see for tourists interested in savannas and rainforests. Ghana is the largest natural park in Mole National Park, but the country also found in numerous other, smaller parks. Many local tour operators and park guides organize nature excursions and sightseeing tours.

Cheap shopping and hot food

Ghana is an affordable country, so shopping is worth it, and especially the food is worth enjoying to the fullest. In Ghana’s shops, you can buy, for example, beautifully patterned local fabric and beautiful handicrafts. The best shopping and the biggest shopping can be found in the capital Accra.

Ghana has plenty of dining options, from hotel restaurants and expensive sophistication to small cupboards and food carts across the street. Ghanaian food is quite hot, so you should taste the snacks carefully at first. In Ghana, you should also try a homemade pit drink.

The busiest nightlife in Ghana is Accra, which has sports bars and Irish pubs along the streets and around the hotel. There are also a few trendy nightclubs in the city.

Good to know about Ghana

Ghana is a peaceful country and its administration is stable. Ghana also has a high standard of living in Africa. As a tourist destination, Ghana is relatively safe, but common sense is always good to follow.

Ghana is fluent in English, whose official language status dates back to British colonial times.

Before traveling to Ghana, it is advisable to visit a doctor to discuss the necessary vaccinations. For example, anti-malarial medication and yellow fever vaccine should be treated before traveling to Ghana.



Flights to Ghana

There are no direct flights to Ghana from Finland, but you can fly to the country via a major European city, such as Brussels or Frankfurt.

Ghana has several airports, but the country is usually reached via Kotoka International Airport. Kotoka Airport is located about ten kilometers from Accra.

Flights to Ghana cost around € 800-100.

Hotels and accommodation in Ghana

Ghana has a lot of good-value and mid-range hotels, especially in major population centers like Accra. The city also has luxury accommodation and five-star hotels. Luxury hotels often have a swimming pool and good facilities.

On average, a hotel night in Ghana costs about 60-80 euros and at its cheapest you stay in the country for 10-40 euros. The level of the cheapest accommodation can be really modest.

Getting around in Ghana

Buses are the most convenient and reliable way to get around Ghana. The bus company Vanef-STC provides connections between major cities and other bus companies operating in the country include OSA, Kingdom Transport Services (KTS), City Express and GPRTU.

If you want to travel to smaller destinations and have good nerves, you should hop on a minibus aboard the tro-tron. The tro-trot does not move according to schedules but on demand, so the cars are packed full of passengers before departure. Finding a tro-tron to the right destination can be difficult for a traveler, so it’s worth asking locals which route takes you anywhere. Tro-trot are a really affordable ride and the shortest trips cost just a few cents. Tro-trots also run in local urban traffic.


The capital of Accra

The capital of Ghana, Accra, is the largest city in the country with a population of a couple of million people. Accra is located on the shores of the Gulf of Guinea. In the city you can visit, for example, the National Museum of Ghana and Christianborg Castle, originally built by the Swedes.

Mole National Park

Mole National Park is Ghana’s largest natural park and it is located in the northwestern part of the country about 670 kilometers from Accra. The park is home to numerous exotic animal species such as elephants and lions. Mole National Park is a popular ekoturismikohde Ghana.

Kakumi National Park

Mole National Park considerably less Kakum is located approximately 170 kilometers from Accra. The park is known for its long suspension bridge, from the heights of which you can observe the animals of the rainforest. The park is home to many species of animals such as monkeys and parrots.

Ghana Fortress

Ghana’s colonial forts were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. There are several forts around Ghana. The oldest of the fortresses is the 15th century Elmina Castle, located in Elmina. The most famous of the castles are the castles of Cape Coast and Christianborg.


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The best attractions in Ghana

  1. Mole National Park
  2. Cape Coast
  3. Kumas
  4. Christianborg Castle
  5. Kakumi National Park