How to Get to Maldives

The only airport that accepts international flights in the Maldives is located on the island of Hulule, 2 km from Male and bears the name of Ibrahim Nasir. Regular direct flights from Moscow are carried out by Aeroflot: departure on Wednesdays and Saturdays from Sheremetyevo, tickets – from 330 USD one way, travel time – 8 hours 45 minutes. With transfers, Turkish Airlines (from 13.5 hours with a departure from Vnukovo and a connection in Istanbul), Qatar Airlines (from 13.5 hours from Domodedovo via Doha) pay an airport tax of 25 USD(if not included in the ticket price) at the check-in counter before departure. According to petwithsupplies, Malé is one of the largest cities in Maldives.

There are regular connecting flights from St. Petersburg to Male. Turkish Airlines fly from Pulkovo via Istanbul in 21 hours and 450 USD in one direction, Aeroflot and Rossiya – through Moscow in 32.5 hours and 500 USD, Emirates – in 12 hours 40 minutes and 650 USD through Dubai. From St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, charters to the Maldives periodically rise; during the off-season sales, there are solid discounts.

Ferries go from Hulule to Male (transfer takes only 5-10 minutes, tickets – 19-40 MVR), to other islands – traditional boats “doni” (there is no schedule, a trip to Male will cost 20-25 MVR), to remote regions flying hydroplanes. The delivery of tourists to hotels is most often organized by tour operators, whose representatives are on duty at the airport.

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You can travel between the Maldives by sea (by speedboats and traditional dhoni boats) and by air (by seaplanes and air taxis). Some of the domestic flights are operated by Flyme (Official site in English). The cost of tickets for a flight from Male to Daravandhoo Island, which is part of the Baa Atoll, is 2900 MVR, to Maamigili, which is part of the Raa Atoll, is 3000 MVR. Carrier Maldivian serves more destinations: for example, a flight from the capital to Hanimadu (Tiladummati atoll) will cost 4500 MVR. Air taxis are owned by Transmaldivian, all the details are at the office. website (in English).

Wooden dhoni boats and speed boats for 5-20 passengers also run between the islands. A trip from Male to Mathiveri (Alif Alif Atoll) will cost 1300 MVR, to Thoddoo (Ari Atoll) – 1000 MVR, to Maafushi (South Male Atoll) – in the amount of 550 MVR. Other prices and schedule – at the office. carrier’s website (in English).

Roads are laid only in the capital, and therefore, there are taxis only there. The car can be called by phone (it’s cheaper) or caught on the street, the average cost of the trip is 25-45 MVR plus 5-10 MVR for luggage. Recently, a bus was launched in Male: 18 stops can be bypassed for 4.70 MVR. On the rest of the islands you have to travel on foot or by bike: in many hotels they are issued for free.

Communication and Wi-Fi

There are two mobile operators in the Maldives: Dhiraagu and Ooredoo. Sim cards are sold at the airport and company stores in Male, and hotel staff can also help with connection. The balance is replenished with the help of special cards, which can also be bought at hotels. The cost of calls to Russia with the Dhiraagu operator is 5 MVR per minute, some packages provide 10% discounts for calls with two foreign numbers.

Most resort islands have pay phones from which you can call within the country (each zone has its own tariffs) and abroad. Cards worth 50-500 MVR are sold in the metropolitan communication store, hotels and street vendors.

In some places, payphones replace call centers, the most favorable rates are from 0:00 to 6:00.

Free Wi-Fi is available in many hotels, Internet cafes are open on large islands (connection is not cheap: 55-170 MVR per hour). Dhiraagu offers unlimited network access for 300 MVR per month.


Most Maldivian hotels are 4-5 star bungalows. “Treshki” are extremely rare: mostly undemanding divers stop there, diving in the ocean from morning to evening. Many hotels offer accommodation in “water bungalows” – spacious wooden houses on stilts, standing right on the beach above the water. Among the advantages of such exoticism is the measured splash of waves under the floor and swimming “from bed”, the disadvantages are the same splash during periods of storms (you won’t be able to fall asleep) and the position “on the tower” at low tide.

Another option for living in the Maldives is yachts. Places on them (including dives) cost about the same as a room and entertainment in a good hotel. But there is an opportunity to see a dozen different atolls and not fry in the sun – the sea is still a little cooler.

Almost all world famous hotel brands are represented in the country. Most hotels have international diving schools with qualified instructors. In them, you can get a PADI certificate by completing a week of training, consisting of a theoretical course and 9 dives with an instructor.

The cheapest accommodation in Male is provided by “three rubles”: from 700 MVR per day for a double room with breakfast. Prices in the “fives” start from 3800 MVR per day: for this money you can rent a whole bungalow. On Maamigili (Raa Atoll), hotel accommodation without “stars” costs from 590 MVR per night, in 3 * – from 770 MVR, in 5 * – from 10,900 MVR. On Maafushi (South Male Atoll), a three-ruble room will cost from 465 MVR, in a single 5 * hotel – 16,850 MVR per day.

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How to Get to Maldives