Popular Destinations in Turkey


Each Turkish resort is beautiful in its own way. Kusadasi, which means “bird island”, is deservedly called the pearl of the Aegean Sea. Today it would be more appropriate to call Kusadasi a tourist island. That is why our company has been offering holidays in this resort in Turkey for many years.

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The main attraction of the city is Guverdzhin (Pigeon Island), on which stands the Genoese fortress. At dusk, illuminated by colorful lights, it sparkles and beckons you like a precious decoration lying on the transparent mirror of the bay. The cleanest beaches invite you to relax by the sea, and the modern equipped harbor is attractive for yachtsmen. You should definitely visit the Aqua Park and, of course, do not forget to look into the Caravanserai. Nowadays, it has become a hotel and restaurant offering a spectacular performance called “Turkish Night”. Nightlife lovers are waiting for discos and nightclubs. And of course, the city’s shopping centers will not leave anyone indifferent, because due to the proximity to the industrial Izmir, here you can inexpensively buy not only souvenirs, but also high-quality industrial goods (clothes, shoes, etc.).
However, tourists from all over the world go to Kusadasi not only for the sea, sun and relaxation. From here it is equally easy to get to places whose names we remember from the time of school – Ephesus and Miletus, Didyma and Priene, Aphrodisias and Hierapolis.


Marmaris is famous for having the longest promenade among Turkish resorts – about four kilometers, with restaurants, cafes, clubs 15-20 meters from the water. It goes continuously from the huge marina for yachts to the mountain that separates Marmaris from Icmeler.
Even Istanbul with a population of 15 million and the Bosphorus does not have such a long embankment.

On this very embankment you can find a bar or a restaurant to your liking, they go there in a row wall to wall and all are deployed towards the sea. Cuisine – for every taste – both local and European, and sea and vegetarian.

Here, an attraction not for the faint of heart, which is called the ejection seat, rises to the evening sky. ejection seat. On pillars as high as a 15-story building, a ball made of pipes is suspended on rubber cables, in which a double chair is held. Two wishing to fasten themselves to the chairs and the ball is shot up, i.e. you ejected from a combat aircraft. With a friend, if she serves in the same unit.
At the same time, the chair rotates terribly in all directions and flies up and down on rubber cables for a long time, until it loses all energy and goes down, having previously shaken out all the brains, the contents of the stomach and bladder from the volunteers. Most of all, the crowd of onlookers is crazy, which listens to the heart-rending, obscene cries of the pilots, synchronized with the movement of the catapult, and looks at the changing expressions of their faces on the big screen.

Since the sea in Marmaris comes right to the bars and restaurants, you can always take a break from dancing and swim, especially since the depth is gradually gaining there, and there are no big waves due to the fact that the bay is separated from the sea by an island.
And all this against the backdrop of a beautiful sea bay, where Admiral Nelson led his squadron 200 years ago. Whether before the battle of Aboukir, or before a quarrel with Lady Hamilton. Some historians believe that the storm of the seas refused to comply with the order of the command to return his squadron to the Balearic Islands, not because of Emma Hamilton, but because of the taverns on the Marmaris embankment.

Marmaris was built on the ancient site of Picos, a city whose creation dates back to 3500 BC. In ancient times, Marmaris was a fishing village. Marmaris was ruled by many peoples, among which were the Egyptians, Ionians, Dorians, Romans, and in 1425 it became part of the Ottoman Empire.

There are still traces of the reign of the Ottoman Suleiman the Magnificent in the city. Suleiman the Magnificent during the campaign of Rodian built a castle here – the Caravanserai of the 16th century, which today houses the archaeological museum of Marmaris. Here Suleiman gathered 200,000 warriors to attack and besiege Rhodes in 1522. The Agha Abraham Mosque dating back to 1789 is also worth a visit.

Marmaris is famous for its natural beauty, mountains clad in pine groves and a fantastic coastline full of small cozy coves.

The Phosforlu sea cave is very close. It is very convenient to go on excursions from Marmaris to other resorts in Turkey, for example, to Bodrum, Kaunos and Fethiye.

One of the favorite tourist attractions is Ataturk Park – one of the most beautiful parks in Turkey. It is located to the east of Marmaris. Ataturk is filled with incense and other dizzying scents.


The Uludag resort, located 35 km from the famous Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, has long been well-deserved fame among lovers of winter holidays. First-class hotels, excellent service, developed infrastructure, mineral springs, magnificent nature, all this attracts vacationers.

A distinctive feature of Uludag is that here almost every hotel has its own lifts, the cost of using which is included in the price. But this does not mean that other lifts will be closed to you. For lifts that do not belong to your hotel, payment is made for each lift at the lower station. You can purchase a subscription for several lifts or days.

In winter, Uludag is an excellent ski resort, and in summer there is a great opportunity for picnics, hiking and cycling tours through the Turkish National Park. The ski season here is 120 days a year. The most favorable period for rest is from December 20 to March 20. At the beginning of the winter season in these places there is fine dry snow, and at the end – wet.

Both beginners and experienced skiers will find slopes to their taste here. Kids here for the first time get up on skis under the supervision of experienced instructors.


Palandoken – the youngest ski resort in Turkey – is located near the border with Armenia, 6 km from Erzurum. Palandoken is suitable for skiers of different skill levels.
Palandoken is the official training camp site for the Turkish Alpine Ski Team.
The skiing season is from October to May. The best time is from December 10 to May 10.
The highest point is 3176 m. The ski area is from 2200 to 3176 m. The elevation difference is 976 m.
40 km of slopes: blue slopes – 7, red slopes – 8, black slopes – 2. The longest route is 11 km. 7 lifts, the throughput of which is 6,300 people per hour. 2 children’s lifts.
Heli-ski. There are slopes for snow skiing.
Hire, qualified ski instructors.
For snowboarders, there are tracks in the resort, for the development of which it is not a pity to spend 2-3 days. After that, you can get out to the virgin lands. Snow-covered couloirs in the gorges and slopes away from the ski lifts are completely at the disposal of snowboarders.

Popular Destinations in Turkey