Sandanski, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian health resort Sandanski is located at an altitude of 224 m above sea level, in a picturesque sunny valley, at the foot of one of the highest mountain ranges, Pirin. It has three balneological clinics and a resort clinic, a thermal pool with a beach, kinesitherapy rooms, sports and gyms.

The “high” location of the resort and the unique local climate make it a suitable place for the treatment of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and pneumonia. In more than 75% of asthmatics, bronchomuscular spasms decrease or disappear in the first week of treatment, and in half of the patients, asthmatic phenomena disappear completely. The resort is also famous for its local mineral water, which is effectively used in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

In addition to health-improving and cosmetic procedures, Sandanski offers active sports. From here it is easy to go hiking on one of the many mountain trails. Moreover, the trip will run through the territory of the National Park, which includes two reserves. Moreover, Bayuvi Dupki-Jinjiritsa is the oldest protected area in the country. See EDUCATIONVV for education and training in Bulgaria.

How to get to Sandanski

Flight to Sofia, then by train or bus to Sandanski. The most convenient way is by bus. Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Sofia Airport to the resort.

By bus

From the bus station in the city of Sofia from morning to evening, almost every hour, or even with a shorter interval, buses run to Sandanski. Since the transport companies involved in the transportation of passengers are different, the route, travel time and cost change throughout the day. There is one direct flight per day, with no stops in other settlements. Most buses go through Blagoevgrad. The minimum cost of a one-way ticket is 16 BGN. More detailed information about the schedule and cost can be found on the website.

History and culture

The history of Sandanski goes back centuries. About two thousand years BC, the Thracians appeared here and founded the settlement of Medius, which was later expanded, like many other settlements of that time, by the Romans. As evidence of the ancient Romans’ passion for local mineral waters, baths and buildings were discovered during excavations under the buildings of the modern city. In the 6th century A.D. e. the city was completely wiped off the face of the earth by the barbarians, however, despite this, Sandanski was restored and turned into one of the most important cities during the First Bulgarian Kingdom. In the 19th century, the spa became an important trade center, and in 1949 it received its current name, given to it in honor of the revolutionary Sandanski.

It is believed that Sandanski is the birthplace of the great hero Spartacus, who raised a slave uprising against the Romans in the 1st century AD. In honor of the gladiator, a monument was erected in the city.

How to navigate the resort

The railway station is located five kilometers from the city, in the western part. The bus station is literally a five-minute walk from the center of Sandanski, on Hristo Smirnenski Street. If you move northeast along this street, you can reach the main square of Bulgaria, where you will find mail and landlines. On the east side is Macedonia Boulevard – a place of concentration of banks, shops and various cafes. You will have to get to the main street by passing from the bus station through the open market.

Sandanski hotels

Most of the hotels in Sandanski offer excellent service and a wide range of medical and spa treatments to promote health and good spirits.

Cuisine and restaurants

You can taste national Bulgarian dishes in one of the restaurants in the Macedonia Boulevard area. Partly, the recipes of this sunny country, for obvious reasons, have something in common with Greek and Turkish ones. Characteristic features are the abundance of seasonings, the use of different types of cheese and the presence of several vegetables at once in one dish. Many delicious sights are cooked over low heat using stewing.

Entertainment and attractions in Sandanski

There are few attractions in Sandanski. One of the main ones is the Archaeological Museum, which is based on exhibits found during excavations in the city. The museum contains fragments of the decor of an ancient Roman villa, the mosaic floor is especially interesting. Another attraction is the 19th century church of Sveti Georgi. This is the only monument of religious architecture in the entire city. The city park is great for walking. An artificial lake, rich Mediterranean fauna, mineral springs are located on its territory.

Sandanski, Bulgaria